Citizen Stewardship Award

Since 2007, the Open Space Committee has reviewed nominations to recognize someone as an outstanding citizen steward. A plaque hangs in the foyer of the Town Hall with a list of Citizen Stewardship Award recipients.

Past Citizen Stewardship Award Recipients:

  • 2007- Sam & Barbara Richardson
  • 2008- Joanne McGee
  • 2009- Bill Ames
  • 2010- Greater Northfield Watershed Association
  • 2011- Bill & Christine Copeland
  • 2012- Bob Pasteris
  • 2013- Bill Llewellyn
  • 2014- Boy Scout Troop #9
  • 2015- Jennifer Tufts
  • 2016- John Lepore
  • 2017- Andrew Vernon
  • 2018- Robert Hendry
  • 2019- Jay Loubris
  • 2020- Susan O’Connor
  • 2021- Jerry Wagener
Susan O’Connor accepting the 2020 Citizen Stewardship Award. Susan was nominated for her extensive work on behalf of the Northfield Energy Committee, making town buildings more energy efficient, and promoting sustainability more broadly.
Jerry Wagener was awarded the 2021 Citizen Stewardship Award as he retired from committee work. Jerry served on the Open Space Committee since its inception in 2006, including 13 years as chairman. He has been instrumental in protecting several large parcels of conservation land, and built nearly all of the trailhead kiosks around town, contributed trail maps and brochures. RECORDER STAFF PHOTO/PAUL FRANZ Full Article

Selection Criteria

NOMINEE (can be an individual, group or business) meets one or more of the following criteria:

  1. Practices and promotes sound environmental principles including protection of soil, water, and air quality. (For example, Nominee may have cleaned up polluted water, or saved endangered wildlife, worked to pick up litter or garbage, or reduced use of polluting fossil fuels with clean energy technologies, etc.)
  2. Promotes or provides for conservation and care of Northfield’s unique natural and cultural resources. (For example, Nominee may have built new trails, or cleared areas to make it possible to enjoy a scenic view, or did research that resulted in protecting a historic landmark, etc.)
  3. Practices or promotes Best Management Practices such as integrated land use management of unique natural and cultural resources. (For example, Nominee found ways to replenish the soil and avoid using pesticides by planting different crops together, or developed land in a way that allowed people to shop and work near where they live to cut down on driving, or came up with a creative non-polluting way to recycle waste products, etc.)
  4. Acts as a good example to others by actively promoting responsible environmental/habitat management. (For examples, Nominee has proven to be an effective teacher or a leader in a way that influences others to change their habits and improve their surroundings, etc.)
  5. Contributes to community building efforts in support of our natural resources. (For examples, Nominee may have started a club or an organization that brings people together around an issue or activity that helps the environment, or has shown exemplary leadership in town government, etc.)
  6. Has contributed to Open Space Plan objectives by raising money for the town. (Examples: Nominee may have sought and received grants, or attracted gifts, labor and talents to the town, or had proven fundraising successes in line with Open Space and Recreation Plan objectives, etc.)

We are currently accepting nominations for outstanding citizen stewards!

Please describe how your nominee meets one or more of these criteria. If available, you may include supporting documentation describing why you believe this person should receive the award (e.g. photographs, news articles about the nominee, or information on awards this person may have received.)

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