Trail Work

With help from volunteers, the committee works all year long to keep the trails in town clear of debris, to maintain trail markings, and make sure trail fliers are available. You can help by adopting a trail and clearing it as you hike there, or notifying us if there is a larger issue.

Mill Brook Trail Workdays:

Mon, Oct 11, 9:00 am-noon. 

We had an extremely successful work weekend Sept 5-6, and were able to get much of the construction and major trail work finished, including building 2 short bridges and a boardwalk near Dickinson St. There is still some trail work and endless invasive species management to do.

Invasive Species Removal

Invasive species being removed include buckthorn, barberry, multi-flora rose, bittersweet. Bring gloves, pruners, shovel, other tools as desired. We will bring weed wrenches to use.

Trail Work

Create switchbacks in two short, steep sections of trail on the E side of the loop. Bring mattock/ grub hoe, shovel, pruners, pruning saw.

Add bog bridging to a squishy spot near the Chateau steps on the path between the Golf Club and the Post Office. Bring cordless drills, rubber boots.

Please sign up for 1 or more days and tasks below. Please specify your interest in the different types of projects and your skill sets/ tool offerings.

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